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For more than 20 years Marlon Becerra has tried to change the Colombian odontology concept, demonstrating patients the importance of taking care of the mouth and how everything is possible as far as it is concern with dentistry.

In this way was born UNIT OF AESTHETICS DENTAL in 1985, created by doctor Marlon Becerra Diaz who established a private clinic applying concepts and innovative proposals on techniques of colour management and dental aesthetics with the best technology and quality of the professionals.

In 2012 dentistry of Marlon Becerra starts operation in Suba, and since then, the whole team of 27 collaborators led by Dr. Laura Orozco, (oral rehabilitative) who has worked day by day with the strong commitment, making dentistry a pleasant experience for patients, ensuring treatments performed exclusively by specialists, planned in a responsible way and thinking in the safety of our patients and in the predictable execution procedures with materials of excellent quality, and diagnostics planned in an interdisciplinary way.

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Many people feel they are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth; others, have suffered some dental decay, loss of teeth, or stains on teeth. The design of the smile is one of the most requested dental procedures today, and having a perfect smile, and being able to smile without any shame, is one of the dreams of many people.

In the design of a smile participates one or several specialties of dentistry and different techniques: Orthodontics, dental implants, design of gums, dental bleaching, veneers and crowns only porcelain, among others. All this with innovative systems and technology is to diagnose you properly for the treatment, so that you can get a perfect smile.



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