Strategic Management


Specialized Dentistry Group SAS serves functional and aesthetic specialized dentistry, in a safe and humane manner, ensuring high quality standards and continuous improvement for the satisfaction of our patients, relatives and colleagues.


To ensure the growth of Specialized Dentistry Group SAS, and being recognized nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence providing specialized dental services, making of the attention a pleasant and top quality experience, meeting the needs and expectations of our patients, family and colleagues.

Quality policy

Marlon Becerra Suba dentistry is committed to quality and assurance on the treatments, the humanised attention, and the pleasant and safe care and the provision of our specialized integrated services.

Corporate Values:

  • Respect: To know that we all have the same value; it is a value that allows mankind to recognize, accept, appreciate and value the qualities and rights of others.
  • Quality: It means doing things well, achieving a higher standard instead of being satisfied with one that may be below of what is expected to meet with expectations.
  • Responsibility: A value that allows people to meet their obligations without other people remembering them, the person responsible is also the one who acts consciously and assumes the effects and consequences of his actions.
  • Work Commitment: Is the loyalty collaboration towards the organization, it is the association of the employee with the organization so that the employee continues because he/she desires; it is acting responsibly and concisely with the objectives of the organization.
  • Discipline: Is the most important ingredient of success. It is to be punctual, meet our obligations at the right time, is to be organized and effectively carry out our activities.
  • Ethics: Defines the behaviour of human beings, it relates to the study of morality and human action. It is a moral statement that prepares statements and defines what is good, bad, mandatory, allowed, etc. in relation to an action or a decision.
  • Leadership: The set of managerial skills or instructions that an individual has to influence the lifestyle of people or a certain group of people, making this team to work with enthusiasm in achieving goals and objectives.

Quality objectives:

  • Promoting continuous training of human talent to strengthen their professional and behavioural skills.
  • Ensuring the acquisition of inputs and quality technology.
  • Promoting colleagues, patients and their families, a culture of humanization and safety in service.
  • Proving better alternative treatment through offers of comprehensive services.
  • Maintaining safety and comfortable physical facilities.

Corporate principles:

  • Continuous Improvement: This principle corresponds to the need for all employees to strive daily so that their actions allow the process and the company to be better and more competitive.
  • Patient Safety: The set of actions, processes, tools, etc., seeking timely identification of incidents and unsafe actions, and minimize the risk that an adverse event occurs to the patient in the care process and / or mitigate their consequences.
  • Humanization: It is understood that our patients are human beings in a global sense, meaning that we understand them as structured people for physical emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual dimensions, etc. Humanization implies an attitude of constant and permanent warm service.
  • Teamwork: The work done between all or several collaborators in order to achieve common goals and objectives, each employee must provide their full knowledge, responsibility, interest, creativity, commitment and discipline to achieve an efficient performance.
  • Pursuit for Excellence: This is the opposite to conform to the current state of things; it is an outstanding quality. We are what we do every day so that excellence is not an act, but a habit.