Education Survey

  • CODE: ODO-FO-10

  • VERSION: 01

  • VERSION DATE: 04/29/2014

Dear Patient, Dentistry Marlon Becerra Suba has established an Education Program to Patient, conducted in order to provide timely and quality information about your pathologies (oral diseases), to ensure understanding of your treatment plan, care and recommendations necessary for success. We appreciate your cooperation with the processing of the next survey, to thereby identify possible improvements.

¿At the end of the procedure, the dentist explained the treatment recommendations?

¿Specialists explained the informed consent of each procedure before performing it?

¿Specialists have used educational models or drawings for explaining treatment?

¿Specialists have delivered recommendations or educational brochures about your treatment or conditions?

¿Have you received emails with educational information on oral health?

¿Have you visited the education section on the website

In the box opposite the question, type of which of the following conditions you would like more information answering yes or no.



Periodontitis (disease of the bone around the teeth)



Aesthetic Resins

Extractions (tooth extraction)

Pulpitis (diseases of the pulp)


Prevention activities (promotion and disease prevention) please specify which

Other (specify on which one or more treatments or conditions (oral diseases) would like to receive more information

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