¿What is the simple tooth extraction?

The simply tooth extraction is defined as the process by which a tooth is extracted without making a cut in the tissues (gum and bone) to expose the tooth.

Preoperative indications

• Personal documentation in order and be present at the date, time and place for the surgical procedure.

• To assist in the company of a guardian who must be a responsible adult.

• Reassure your dentist before the procedure if you are allergic.

• If you take any medication do not stop for the surgery.

• It is better to take it on regular schedule.

• No need for fasting.

• You must bring the day of the procedure x-rays and medical exams your doctor previously requested.

• Optimal dental hygiene: with toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwashes, oral rinse or oropharyngeal Isodine prior the procedure.

• Appropriate clothing: comfortable, practical and adequate to temperature, avoid jewellery and valuables.

• The oral cavity should be in the best possible conditions to prevent post-extraction complications; for this is recommended, if possible, previous any surgical intervention, make periodontal treatment, sealing the caries etc.

Recommendations and warning signs

• Keep gauze firmly on the surgery site for 30 minutes and discard.

• If possible, maintain complete rest for the recommended time.

• Placing cold compresses and / or ice during the first 3 days.

• Local moist heat therapy from the four (4) day of surgery to complete eight (8) days.

• Liquid diet avoiding hard foods during the first five (5) days.

• Always maintain good oral hygiene with toothbrush and toothpaste, if you use mouthwash these should be made from the second day after the procedure.

• No Smoking.

• Do not suck or spit in the first twenty-four (24) hours.

• Follow medical formula.

• Attend up appointments as directed by specialist.

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