¿What is Dental whitening?

¿Why are there pigmented teeth?

The pigmentation of your teeth can be caused by medications, dental trauma, food, drink and dental materials; It is a procedure that can only be made by a dentist under his supervision with safe products for your teeth, thus generate visibly whiter look or regain their original colour.

Safe Bleaching

- Some pigmentations or stains are superficial and some are more profound, but a dentist can effectively treat both.
- Professional whitening is the best way to brighten stained teeth but with products that are safe.
- In the market there are many products that want to "whiten your teeth"

Scientific evidence

The scientific evidence supports properly that for dental whitening, the use of light sources type LED or laser is not required because the risks are major that the benefits. So ask your dentist a system that will ensure safe products and endorsed by the American Dental Association and the FDA.

¿How safe is it?

Opalescence® (Ultra dent Products Inc.) is the most recommended product in the market. It is the safest because it does not dehydrate your teeth, does not have side effects, because among its components there are products that take care of your teeth health and it is the market leader in worldwide research.

a. With products to use at home, provided by your Dental professional who tells you how to use it through mouth guards which have to be used for a few days and gradually you will see your teeth whiter.

b. With products to be used at your dentist's consulting room, where the professional is responsible to explain the procedure and apply it to your teeth. The result is immediately visible.

c. With products for Home and consulting room, at the discretion of your dentist and the most convenient way for you.


a. It Is indispensable professional dental cleaning before treatment for the product to have maximum efficiency.

b. Avoid drinking carbonated beverages ("white diet" no spinach, red wine, coke, etc.) and / or any product or food that causes spots.

c. Avoid eating acidic foods.

d. Use colourless mouthwashes.

e. It is not recommended for minors, pregnant or breastfeeding or teeth with root resorption.

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