Duties and Rights

Duties of patients

  1. To provide a dignified, humane and respectful treatment to staff and other patients of the institution.
  2. To participate and take responsibility for their care and treatment process as well as comprehensive health care.
  3. To care for and make rational use of resources and facilities willing to your service.
  4. To collaborate with the fulfilment of rules and instructions of the institution and the professional team.
  5. To report everything related to the patient’s own health status and history.
  6. To make timely payment for services received.
  7. To attend appointments in optimal conditions of hygiene.
  8. To punctually attend appointments and cancel or reschedule at least twelve (12) hours in advance, when you cannot attend.

Patients' rights

  1. To freely choose the professional for which you want to be treated and /or request a change of treating professional, within the resources provided by the institution.
  2. To a clear, comprehensive, complete and proper communication with their status; and consent, revoke and / or refuse the suggested treatment.
  3. To receive dignified, humane and ethical treatment, respecting their race, their beliefs, their customs and their own health condition.
  4. To privacy and confidential information management.
  5. To express and to be taken into account your needs and opinions, during the course of the treatment.
  6. To request and receive explanations about the costs incurred for services rendered.
  7. To request a second opinion regarding diagnosis and treatment plan.
  8. To express your requests, complaints or claims; and to receive a timely response.
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