Satisfaction survey

  • CODE: GSP-FO-01

  • VERSION: 01

  • DATE VERSION: 09/05/2014

Dear patient, please select each of the aspects, according to your level of satisfaction.

How do you evaluate your experience with the telephone service:

Cordial and respectful treatment

Telephone waiting time to be helped

How do you evaluate your experience with the reception:

Cordial and respectful treatment

Orientation on your arrival

Attention to your concerns

Information and agility in the bill payment

How do you evaluate your experience during the consultation:

Cordial and respectful treatment from your dentist

Privacy and quiet during your consultation

Cordial and respectful treatment by the dental auxiliary

Assistance from the dental auxiliary to de the dentist during the consultation

Attention of your appointment, according to the scheduled time

Clarity in the explanation of the treatment

Availability and proper use of protective tools

Instructions and recommendations to follow after consultation

It has given the necessary information regarding your treatment

Education about your condition and self-care

¿How do you assess the security, confidence, peace and comfort during the consultation?

How do you evaluate the facilities in terms of:

Order and cleanliness of consulting room

Proper presentation of facilities

Cleaning and general condition of the bathrooms

Answer yes or no to the following questions:

¿Do you feel satisfied with the dental treatment and service provided?

¿Have you received information about your rights and duties as a patient?

¿During the care process, have your rights been respected as a patient?

¿Would you use our services again?

¿Would you recommend our services?

¿Do you think Marlon Becerra dentistry gives you a pleasurable experience?

  • Marlon Becerra Sede Suba

  • Cra. 106 No. 149-27 Imperial Plaza Shopping Center Local 2-50

  • Reports: PBX: (57 + 1) 603 3232.



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