Dental bleaching

This is an aesthetic dental treatment that is able to reduce various shades the colour of teeth, leaving teeth whiter and brighter. Tooth whitening can remove most stains caused by medications or by extrinsic causes such as tea, coffee, cigarettes and red wine, among other substances and food. No treatment of dental clearance made by a specialist dentist causes pain, wear, neither weakens teeth if done correctly.

Today, having a perfect smile with white teeth is extremely important. For teeth’s whitening it is necessary to have the assessment of an expert dentist to choose the degree of whitening ideal for every patient. Because a very white tone makes teeth look unnatural, so it should be taken into account several factors when deciding the tone that will remain in the patient's teeth.

Sometimes people prefer to make a home tooth whitening, however, being unsupervised by a specialist in dental surgery, can weaken and damage the teeth if it is not done correctly.

White teeth are synonymous of health and hygiene, but also keep in mind that after whitening dental patients should have some special care to maintain and care for the white shade of your teeth.

So if you're looking to make dental whitening, remember to choose well the specialist that will do it, to get the correct diagnosis and treatment.

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