It is a specialty of dentistry, responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Dental Pulp and blood vessels diseases.

This treatment involves removing the pulp tissue or the contents of the root canals and then place a sealing material to seal those spaces that were previously cleaned and disinfected.

Related diseases


It is the painful inflammation of the dental pulp. The dental pulp is a soft tissue found inside of the teeth, which is commonly and popularly known as "the nerve", its functions are to maintain the elasticity and strength of the tooth, and serve as a warning to stimuli of cold, hot, sweet.

It can be classified as:

Reversible pulpitis

It is a mild to moderate inflammation of the tooth pulp caused by various stimuli, in which the pulp is able to return to no inflammatory state after removing the stimulus.

Irreversible pulpitis

It is a persistent inflammation of the pulp, caused by a harmful stimulus. It may be acute or chronic. The most common cause of triggering a pulpitis is tooth decay, but also the cause of dental trauma and irritants of restorations, large "fillings” and when the teeth that are vital for crowns are prepared.

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