Oral implantology

It is the area of dentistry that replaces missing teeth by placing titanium screws resembling the tooth root for further rehabilitation. Dental implantology is the discipline of dentistry that aims to replace missing teeth by surgical placement of a dental implant in the jawbone or mandible.

Dental implants are of different sizes, surfaces and materials. When the patient loses one or more teeth, prosthetic rehabilitations are designed that can replace the functions so they can chew and see a more aesthetic smile design. In order to put the implant is necessary to diagnose the patient, give a prognosis and a treatment plan according to the needs of patients.

The implant is a screw made of pure titanium that has been subjected to a special treatment on the surface to ensure the osseointegration to the bone. It is a biocompatible medical prosthesis adapted to be implanted in the human body and therefore subject to the most severe health control from the manufacturing to patient placement.

Currently most intraosseous implants have the form of a tooth root and materials used for manufacturing are highly biocompatible such as titanium, which allows a binding to the bone biologically stable called Osseointegration.

Dental implants have bypassed removable dentures, thereby providing patients greater peace of mind, comfort and functionality, the final quality of treatment.

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