Pediatric Dentistry

¿What does the pediatric dentist do?

This specialist knows the morphology of primary teeth, chronology and eruption of teeth, it gives treatment for caries, management and training of dental roots, gum problems, etc. Knowing all this beforehand, it is easier to diagnose children, for example when it happens the change of milk or temporary teeth, know what treatment to use with the presence of permanent teeth and prevent insufficient treatment is given and the child can suffer the consequences as an adult.

One of the advantages or benefits of treatments of pediatric dentistry is that children are educated to perform good oral hygiene, and they learn to care for their teeth with good brushing and flossing. So maintain the oral health care of children.

It is a specialty of dentistry defined by age, providing preventive and therapeutic oral care to infants, children and adolescents, including those who require special care.

Pediatric dentistry is responsible for treating dental problems of children, such as detecting any anomalies in the correct position of the teeth or jaws and thus being able to refer to a specialist such as orthodontist, endodontist, oral rehabilitation, oral surgery, for make the respective treatment. Child Dentistry treats patients under 13 years old.

¿Why it is important to go to the pediatric dentist? It is mainly because it detects professional dental problems opportunely and gives children the treatments specially designed for them.

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