It is the part of dentistry that specializes in the treatment of tissues supporting the teeth such as the gums and alveolar bone; the specialist in this area is trained in the placement, maintenance and treatment of dental implants.

Diseases of the gums and bone supporting the teeth are because of many bad oral hygiene habits, poor brushing teeth, and smoking, among others. This accumulates food debris that contributes to the spread of bacteria that inflame and irritate the gums. This situation happens often because it has no symptoms, so the patient does not know what is happening in the teeth until the disease is in an advanced stage. And when it reaches this state is when the patient asks himself why gums bleed frequently when brushing and in addition there is bad breath and tooth mobility.

Periodontics - Periodontitis is a serious disease that can cause tooth loss irreversibly which then must be treated with dental implants or prostheses. Periodontitis may also cause systemic disease, so should be treated by a specialist who correctly diagnosed each patient.

The periodontist should remove all plaque and calculus on teeth, and in its root by a special procedure, from this moment it is very important that the patient has an excellent oral hygiene, improving the technique of brushing and flossing will help to have healthy and perfect teeth.

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